Relax…It’s Just Sex

Those famous words of Hugh Heffner started a new era in the world. People were a little less inhibited and a little bit prouder of their body and who they were. Yet, there’s still another side of people who feel just the opposite. Maybe those people need a little sex in their lives, who knows?

If you want to have sex, obviously do it with someone that you love and know well. Most importantly, make sure that you protect yourself in every sexual encounter that you have. There are STDs that can affect your life and of course, unplanned pregnancy is no laughing matter.

Birth Control

Birth Control options include condoms, contraceptive pills, and IUDs. It is a good idea to use a couple of different contraceptive options just in case one does not work. Besides, a pill won’t protect you from an STD. Talk to your doctor to learn more. Both men and women have options available to help prevent pregnancy and protect them against STDs.

In our digital world, we like to put things online. And that is fine in many cases, bit not where sex is concerned. Nothing you post on the internet is truly private. Some Things can come back to haunt you even years down the road. So, keep it off the internet if it involves sex or your personal relationships.

Abstinence is best but that is rare these days. You won’t get pregnant if you are not having sex, nor will you pick up an STD of any type. But we like sex. Sex is natural. It feels good and it is something that we look forward to. But, make sure that you protect yourself if you are sexually active. That is what is most important at the end of the day.